Saturday, 2 November 2013

Austrains s wagons and 3501 and 1st kit

my 1st NSWGR gear  some S trucks  from austrains
My 1st NSWGR steam loco a austrains 35 class  needs more pick ups on loco it self  got kadees coming for it and hopefully getting a chip for it before xmas 
my first Camco kit, NSWGR GSV Sheep Van. I built the kit but it wasn't square upon completion. I have some more kits coming.

and i got a powercab  to start me off in dcc and im loving it


  1. Good luck Oscar. When you start to build the next few CAMCO kits, you might like to purchase a small metal square to assist getting things at right angles. It is a very helpful tool.

    cheers Phil

  2. cheers mate yeah that sounds good and mate from my club going to show me how he dose his and help with my next one