Thursday, 2 April 2015

The temporary layout

  As the tittle suggests  I have built a temporary layout as  I have a 2.5yr old and one on the way, I have decided it was the best option, I'm using a NCE powercab.  Using pretty much all 2nd had stuff and as its the 1st time for me its a good practise  for the real thing . The following  photos  show  how I did the wiring : droppers on every bit of track ( besides the points) and everything goes into terminal blocks for ease of diagnosing problems

My daughter running my powerline (2012) 48  she knows which buttons are for directions and the emergence stop button and I have the hand of god 

this little layout isn't much but I have leant a lot and keeps me and my daughter happy for the moment  will probably chance it around a bit at a latter date as you can tell I was always gong to change it as the is no road bed

till next time 

Cheers Oscar